Disobedience as Christians

Nick, a disciple of Jesus Christ by the will of God I write these things to all the saints in Christ Jesus whom we all have hope to be sanctified and glorified as he is sitting on the right hand of God.

The Lord has placed on my heart a desire to study and put out things regarding disobedience and obedience as christians and grace that is available to us through our Lord Jesus. . This will be a topical discussion so I will be jumping around the bible to tackle this topic.

Most of us know about the ten commandments and the laws that God has set before us which we know that nobody can follow even if he dedicated his whole life to it for we still wrestle with the flesh. (ROM 7:15-25) Now a lot of people will take these verses out of context and use them as a licence to sin but since we have the Holy Spirit living with us we SHOULD have a hunger for righteousness. (MATT 5:6) If you were to look at disobedience in the bible it always seems to pertain to our past lives that is before we knew Christ but when it comes to believers its hard to find those two words in the same sentence. There is examples of disobedience of believers but that does not stop God from loving and blessing them. Afterall King David cheated with one mans wife and then had that man killed and he was loved by God because he was “a man after My own heart” (ACT 13:22) There is so many more examples which i wont go into but I think its important to note that even though we disobey and even turn away from the Lord at points and through all this He blesses and loves us we will still suffer consequences from sin. We also find that through those consequences is where God will take that and chasten us and mold us to be better representatives of Him, His gospel. and a testimony to his grace.

We should all look closely and prayerfully look into our hearts and figure out what sins are withholding good from us. (JER 5:25) A lot of us have had big victories in our lives. Victories over drunkenness, porn, drugs, lying, and other worldly fruits. Just remember that eating a piece of fruit in of itself is not a sin. Eating a piece of fruit God tells you not to eat is a sin. Now as an unbeliever this is no big deal. He still being “dead” has no remorse for his sin. The believer on the other hand should feel remorse and is in need to repent. The Lord will be waiting with his hand out for you to repent. (ISH 65:2)  Now we have all heard that word repent. The greek word means to stop and walk the other way…a 180 of sorts. Now is that talking physical or is this a matter of the heart. I believe it’s a matter of the heart and once your heart is changed and you take it to God then your actions will be fruit of your repentance. John the baptist said that we needed to “bear fruit worthy of repentance” (LUKE 3:8)

So as christians how do we stay in communion with the Lord? How do we stay in fellowship with Him? How do we steer from deceit from the evil one and live a life for Jesus? I think the key is fear. When the nation of Israel who most were believers of God was in a state of sin or unrepentance, God had asked if they did not fear him anymore. The definition of fear here is not of someone being terrified of something but more of a respect and trusting in God and his will for out lives. Another definition is a reverential trust including the hatred of evil.  David had said in Psalms that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom (PS 111:10). In Exodus Moses wrote the a fear of the Lord is healthy so you might not sin (EX 20:20). Moses also wrote to keep the commandments of the Lord you God, to walk in his ways and fear him (DEUT 8:6). So where do you get this fear from. Is it natural or is it something you develop? I think it’s a gift or a fruit from the Spirit. I will put My fear in their hearts so that they will not depart from Me (Jer 32:40).

So in closing staying in a fearful reverence towards God is a big key to living the christian life. We all have issues and stumbling blocks but those should not impede our progress and our relationship with our God. Read, pray, and meditate on His word so that you may not waiver to the left or the right. (PROV 4:20-27).

If you have been reading this and you do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ. I would invite you to come into a relationship with him right now. He will fill the void that is in you heart. He will give you purpose in this life. He will give you eternal life. He will give you joy that you have never felt. The bible says that all have fallen short from the Glory of God. All have sinned and therefore cannot enter into a relationship with God. God calls for a sacrifice of innocent blood for the remission of sins. God sent his Son Jesus Christ to live the perfect life we couldn’t. He willingly climbed on the cross in place of me. God placed the sins of this world upon his shoulders and he died. On the third day he rose from the dead to prove that death had been defeated. He is holding out his hand to you now. Will you accept? If you do pray this to your Savior. Father in heaven. Thank you for dying on the cross for my sins. Come into my heart and make me new again. Wipe away my sins and save me. I am not perfect but i recognize that you are and your grace is enough for me. In Jesus name I pray amen.

If you have any questions or if you just prayed that prayer please let somebody know. You can email me at nickwhosoever180@hotmail.com                May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you.      God bless.


One thought on “Disobedience as Christians

  1. Jeff Johnson says:

    Well said my brother. God has shown you great insight and will no doubt use you in mighty ways for His Kingdom work. God bless you, love ya bro.

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